Saturday, February 5, 2011

An apple a day

Occasionally we need to take time from our busy life to "sharpen our saw" so to
speak. Everyone needs time to renew and reawaken our lives.  Sharpening is
needed in all areas of our life; physical, mental, social/emotional, and most
important Spiritual!

No one else can motivate us or make us do this.  We must do it for ourselves.

Some ideas to get you started!

Physical: exercise regularly, take a stress-management class, have your nails
and hair done, plant a flower or vegetable garden, or read a book on nutrition.

Mental: Think of possible changes in your life, spend time alone, read a good book,
learn to play an instrument, start a journal, reach back to joyful times as a child
and think about them.

Social/Emotional: Have a good cry, eat lunch with a friend, go to the mall
and people-watch, spend a day doing anything you want, visit a friend, or volunteer.

Spiritual: Read the psalms, meditate on Scripture, give of yourself, examine your
motives, listen to good Christian music or visit someone at the hospital of
nursing home.

Wake up!  I't time to do a self check-up.  You deserve it.
Mark 16:1-8

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