Friday, July 18, 2014

The Jersey Boys Movie: Why I Loved It

Three Reasons Why I Loved the Jersey Boy Movie

I went to see the movie "The Jersey Boys" at Regal Spartan Stadium 16 , not knowing what to expect. After all, not all biographical musicals are of good quality. What I did know, is that I love The Four Season's music, so I went in open minded and ready to revisit my youth. I am a baby-boomer, born in 1961, and I grew up during the 60's and 70's and until this day, I love "the oldies" as we refer to them. The movie rated R, contains some offensive language, although thankfully no nudity, and very little violence. This is why I only rate it as four stars. Other than the colorful language, I love the movie "The Jersey Boys" for the following reasons.

The Jersey Boys Movie was Educational for Me
Though I had heard all of The Four Season's songs in the sixties and seventies, and liked their songs, I did not know the history behind their formation. Jersey Boys begins by establishing the boys were friends from the start, a typical garage band aspiring to "make it big!" Although, they were from the wrong side of the tracks, they learned a code of honor on the streets of Jersey. Their respect and love for each other helped them remain friends through Mafia threats, betrayal, financial debt, and problems with family.

Frankie Valli, played so well by John Lloyd Young, was the lead character in the movie. I gained an understanding of what Valli had to sacrifice in order to pursue his dream. That was his first wife and three girls of course; one of each was a stepchild. Too often, that is what happens with the stress of achieving fame. In addition, I did not realize that Valli's daughter Francine died of a drug overdose in 1980. Valli was married two more times and had more children, which I do not remember seeing in the movie. I only found this out after seeing the movie through additional research. In addition, I found it interesting to learn that several in the group had frequented prison for reasons such as skipping out of a hotel without paying, running up huge tax debt as well as racking up debt to a loan shark.

Revisited My Youth through the Jersey Boys Songs
Hearing all of the Four Season's songs again in the movie evoked many memories and emotions from my youth. I actually felt young again after the movie! For a little over two hours, joyfully whisked back in years, I escaped reality! I was thoroughly entertained and lost in the story of The Four Seasons! Bravo to Clint Eastwood for producing another well put together film! The movie felt more to me like a quality documentary rather than a musical. This made the movie more enjoyable for me!

The Movie Inspired Me To Research Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons
After viewing The Jersey Boys movie, I have been learning more about Valli and The Four Seasons on my own. I have found out more interesting facts about their background. I consider myself a lifetime learner, and anything that inspires me to search out new things excites me!

Seeing The Jersey Boys movie was certainly worth more than the $7.50 I paid to spend a few hours with a legendary group who was instrumental in launching the best rock-and-roll music to date!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Christian Poem: Start Your Christian Journey Today!

If you are out there feeling lonely,
and down on your luck.
Look no further around you,
Just look up!

Look up to the heavens, and call Jesus' name,
I promise, you will never ever be the same.
Open up your heart and invite Him in,
You will never regret it , He will forgive your sins!

Your Savior will walk with you daily, hand in hand,
No one else can guide you as He can.
He will provide you a mansion in Heaven someday,
So start your journey with Him now, TODAY

written by: Freida Thomas

Next Three Steps For Newly Saved Christians

If you are a newly saved Christian, you may be wondering, what is next? When I received Salvation at the age of twelve, the pastor instructed me on what to do to grow in the Lord, and strengthen my faith. I would like to suggest to new Christians three next steps that I believe will help you the most, based on my Christian experiences over the last forty years.

Get a Bible and Read, Read, Read

After salvation, the Bible will be your roadmap for getting to know your Savior in a personal way. I suggest you begin reading in the New Testament that starts with the book of Matthew. Why? Honestly, the Old Testament is more difficult to understand as a new Christian, and it mainly involves history before Christ was born. By the time, you read Matthew through Revelations (the New Testament), you will have learned about Jesus' birth, suffering, death, and resurrection. You will find you know him more intimately and that is the beginning of your personal relationship with the Lord, who has graciously promised you an eternal life in Heaven! Next, start reading from Genesis in the Old Testament to learn the history before Christ.
The Bible will be the important book you ever read. It has an answer for every problem. Do not just read it, but also apply it in your daily life and watch your faith and love grow for your newly found Savior! In addition, do not ever stop reading God's word. Every time you read in the Bible, you will be enlightened in a new way!
I personally like the New International Version of the Bible because it is more understandable to me than the standard King James Version. There are numerous versions of the Bible available to read online or download to your tablet here. I prefer to hold the actual Bible in my hands and read. I guess that dates me, but I do not mind.

Locate a Church and Get Involved!

Many people may tell you they do not "play church." Personally, I would find it harder to grow and mature in Christ without a home church to attend. Once saved, I have always had a desire to be in Church. True, your salvation does not mean that you must attend a church, but finding a church that makes you feel at home will provide the support you need to grow in Christ. I suggest finding a larger church. Larger churches have more activities and opportunities to meet new friends who have the same beliefs you do. The best way to make friends in a large church is to volunteer in one or more of the many areas in which they need help. I currently volunteer as a greeter, and on the decorating team. I have met many new people and have new friends because of this. It is always better to give than to receive, so give some of your time and you will be blessed even more than the ones you serve!

Pray and Praise the Lord Continuously!

First, know that Christ and His Spirit live in your heart now, and they will never leave you. Christ and His Spirit do not change, ever! It is we, who occasionally move away or draw closer to Christ. To remain close to Christ it is essential to pray all the time. It does not have to be in a certain place or even audible. Christ knows your mind and hears your prayers even when they are silent. Try to remain focused on Christ and offer him praise by thanking him for your salvation and every other blessing He allows you to enjoy! Praise Christ by listening to Christian CD's, radio, online sermons, and by lifting your hands and praising him with songs or words daily! Christ loves it when we praise Him! He inhabits our praise. I remember an old hymn from my church growing up, "I Just Can't Praise Him Enough" and it is true. We just cannot praise him enough for what He has done and is going to do in our lives!
Please understand that even though you have recently been saved, that did not make you into a super human. I fall short of doing these things at times, and you will too. Do not let that discourage you! Just pick yourself up and start fresh. God does not expect perfection from anyone. We are still human and make mistakes. The good news is that He is still beside you, loves you, and is waiting with arms open to welcome you back home!

Published by Freida Thomas
Freida is a retired Accountant from the Education field. She enjoys reading, writing,volunteering, and frugal living. Freida's areas of expertise include Finance, Parkinsons, Nutrition, Food, Health/Fitness, and more.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Planting of the Lord Blog

I want to share with you a favorite blog of mine.  Click on the link below to be blessed by words written by a talented woman of God, and my friend, Kimberly!  I promise, you will love Kimberly's way of sharing her thoughts, goals, and her love of God.  You will always be inspired when you visit and read. 

A Planting of the Lord