Saturday, August 7, 2010

Today is supposed to be 92 again! I am so ready for Fall.  I went to see the movie Inception yesterday.  It was good but a little too long (especially in a freezing movie theatre).  It is about dreams and others manipulating and planting dreams in other people's minds.  It was deep and I didn't get all of it, so I guess I'll be getting it from Netflix to watch again.  Hopefully I'll totally understand it the second time around.

I found a new blog online last  night
This blog is written by a lady in the UK who is manic/depressive or Bipolar.  Here she shares everything about her illness and living with it day to day.  I read it for too long last night, but it was so interesting I couldn't stop.  If you have bipolar, (or if you're interested in the subject) you must visit this site!
Hope you have a great Saturday! 

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