Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saw Charlie St. Cloud today.  The movie was great but sad.  Zac Efron the hunk from The High School Musicals was the lead star.  He and his little brother Sam was hit by a drunk driver, Sam died, and Charlie (Zac) dies but is brought back to life (for a second chance) at life.  However he isn't able to move on and gets a job as caretaker at the cemetary where Sam is buried.  He also meets with Sam (really Sam's ghost) to play catch every night at sunset and has been doing so five years after his brother's death.  It is not until he meets a girl (at the cemetary visiting her grandfather's grave) that he begins to live and love again.  But not until a few more tragedies happen.  I will keep to myself the ending, so as not to ruin it if any of you decide to see it.  It is definitely worth seeing.  I rate it 4 **** out of 5!

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