Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Save $$ on Dining Out!

From: Real Simple Magazine

Surf for steals. Search restaurant.com by ZIP code to purchase discounted certificates for thousands of places. (A typical offer: You can buy a gift certificate worth $25 for just $10.) Or click on the “Cheap Eats” link at urbanspoon.com to find user-generated recommendations for 70 U.S. cities

Think on this:Posted by Giap on December 29, 2007
Daily Inspirations:
Do more than exist – Live!
Do more than touch – Feel!
Do more than look – Observe!
Do more than read – Absorb!
Do more than hear – Listen!
Do more than listen – Understand!
Do more than think – Reflect!
Do more than just talk – Say Something!

Go One Step Further… Live! Feel! Observe! Absorb! Listen! Understand! Reflect! Say Something!

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