Sunday, November 8, 2009


Does the word Hospitality scare you? It does me. To be hospitable to me has always conjured up images of having to be "perfect", meaning having to have a nice, clean house, using the best china, and being the best cook. I know this comes from insecurity and a general lack of self esteem. Feeling that I'm never "good enough". But I've been thinking about what God considered hospitable in the Bible. Do you remember the story of the woman at the well, who simply gave Jesus a "sip of water". This wasn't much, but I'm sure it meant alot to Jesus who was thirsty. A simply kind gesture is hospitality.

What about when Jesus was at the home of Martha and Mary? True, Martha opened up her home to him, but it was Mary who sat at Jesus feet and listened to him and spent time with him. Martha was too busy working and preparing the meal. Jesus considered what Mary did, as the most hospitable gesture. For the complete story read, Luke Chapter 10.

While these are just 2 of the many instances in the Bible where hospitality is practiced, it makes me rethink my old definition of hospitality.

Maybe I just need to be "me" and not worry about appearances when someone visits my home. All I need to do is spend time with them and not apologize for how the house looks, or how the meal tastes. Hospitality should be only about making people feel comfortable around you and in your home. All the other "stuff" doesn't matter.

I'm going to make a true effort to me more hospitable in the coming new year. Think about this and ask yourself, are you truly practicing hospitality or are you worrying about what other people think about how you measure up?

Until later........... Have a blessed day!

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