Tuesday, October 23, 2012

An Apple a Day: Psalm 21:6 (NIV)

Psalm 21:6 (NIV)
"Surely you have granted him
eternal blessings and made him
glad with the joy of your

No matter what your circumstances
are today, you can find Joy in God's
presence.  It is easy on days that
are good and happy!  The test comes
when your days are overcast and gloomy;
and you feel the strain of the day, which
seems endless.

But remember, this day is not a chance
occurrence, God created this day. God is
with you even when you don't sense him.

Joy is attainable!  Search for it as for hidden
treasure!  Talk to God about your day, and soon
your load will lighten, and joy will seep into
your day.  Be aware of God's presence with you
and embrace joy as it returns to you!
Hope you have a blessed day!

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