Sunday, September 16, 2012

Today Sunday 09/16/2012

A big hello and welcome to my blog, Life Matters! 
I want to share my exciting (or not) Sunday with you.
I must say it was exciting when I woke up this morning!
I'm thankful every morning the Lord lets me wake up and
I tell him so!

This morning started with my favorite cereal, Honey Bunches of Oats
with Almonds!  Did you know this cereal only has 6 grams of
sugar per serving.  The average cereals have 12+grams up to 20+grams
of sugar.  Plus this cereal tastes great.  I add in some raisins for their
sweet taste and I love raisins! 

Next, I went to my home church Restoration and heard wonderful
praise and worship and a helpful message from my Pastor.

McDonalds for lunch - $1 large diet coke, $1.99 Grilled chicken wrap (with
Honey Mustard dressing) and a yogurt/fruit parfait!  It is possible to
eat healthy at McDonalds!

Home for the remainder of the day.  Watched Carolina Panther/New Orleans
game and my Panthers won!!  35-27

Napped after,  ...... and the rest is pretty much the same.  I rested on
the Sabbath! Busy week coming!  I am looking forward to it!


Thanks for stopping by!

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