Saturday, May 19, 2012

Unexpected Guests Are Arriving in 5 Minutes: What Can I Do To Get the House Ready?

Your friend, Pastor, anyone calls and announces
 they are popping over in 5 minutes, and guess
what? Your house looks "lived in." Here is what
you can do in 5 minutes to make it look presentable!

#1 Light a candle: If your house looks clean and
smells clean, people will "think" it is clean.

#2 Open the blinds to admit light and create
an open, fresh feeling.

#3 Use a toilet brush to whisk out the bowl.
Make sure toilet paper holders are filled and
put out a fresh towel.

#4 Carry a damp washcloth to wipe tables
and counters as you move from room to room.

Get your kids to do this: Grab a laundry
basket or a bucket and threw anything
that's out of place into it to sort later.
Stash it in a closet.  Take out the trash.

Hurry now....then enjoy your company.

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