Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pray for Vickie

I am cat sitting with Vickie and she is ill.  Today she woke up salivating
with labored breathing.  She is at the Vet hospital tonight and through the
weekend receiving steroid injections for Asthma, which they believe is
her problem.  All animal lovers, please pray for Vickie that this will be a
one time occurrence and she will fully recover.  She is 12 years old and
has never been sick before. 1/7/2012
Thank you...


Kumiko said...

How is Vickie?
I'm sorry for being late.
I'm worrying about her.
I hope she will recover soon.
Please don't be depressed,Freida.
I pray for her that she will fully recover.

Freida said...

Thanks for your concern and prayers.
She spent Sat. and Sunday in the hospital, but came home Monday with medication to take for a week. It was asthma and hopefully she won't have another attack in the future.
She is eating and acting and breathing normal. I'm so glad to have her back with me, probably through the month of Jan. Thank you for being a great friend Kumiko.

Kumiko said...

Oh,I'm relieved to hear that!
That's good for Vickie!
Please take care.

Kumiko and Hime