Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beauty Tips from Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift a beautiful star, but her beauty tips show she remains down to earth!
This tips are from an article I read in Rouge Spring 2011 issue!

1. Taylor always buys new (seasonal) eyeshadow collections to feel fresh and change up her eyes and to be up to date with the current trends.

2.  With lipcolor, Taylor likes to highlight her lips using a dark shade to make them stand out.  She pairs a bright lip with lighter makeup on the eyes so that the lips are her prominent feature. She also likes the classic 60's look and uses a prominent bold black line on the eyes.

3. Taylor likes Covergirl lipstains because the color stays bright and her hair doesn't stick to it when she is on stage.

4.  What does Taylor keep in her purse?  Perfume, lotion and cell phone are with her at all times.  In her makeup bag she keeps Covergirl LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara and Outlast Lipstain in Everbloom kiss.

5.  Taylor describes "her style" as very feminine and girly.  She wears lots of skirts, dresses, and sparkly accents.  She is inspired by prairie looks fairies, and outfits you would wear on the beach.

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