Friday, March 18, 2011

An apple a day-Cut 120 Calories daily by doing this!

Is a box of plastic sandwich bags all you need to easily shave 120 calories from each day? Research suggests it may be so.
As long as you use those bags to divide up your snacks -- be they nuts, pretzels, crackers, or popcorn -- into small servings. About 100 calories per bag. In a recent study, people whose snacks came prepackaged in low-calorie portions ate about 120 fewer calories each day compared with folks who munched from larger packages.

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Kumiko said...

This way of dietting is very effective,I think. Small package snacks are seen everywhere in Japan,too.
In Japan,the cigarettes price are raised in last October(about 80dollars now).And smokers say,"After we quit smoking,I got fat. My appetite increased than before..)
I can't tell if smoking and appetite are closely related...