Monday, November 22, 2010

Ecclesiastes: Chapter 4

The rising and fallling, the peaks and valleys in our lives are what
make it interesting.  Though circumstances sometimes seem unbearable and
scarey, we can be assured that God is behind every scene that unfolds in our lives and HE has our back.  When we fall, he always sends a friend our way to "pick us up!"  There is no need to worry about our purpose every minute.  All in due time will be made known.

We see after reading chapter 4, that the writer is still mostly negative about
what he sees and understands about life, however I chose today not to focus
so much on what this chapter is still dwelling on, but what comes later on as we continue through the reading of Ecclesiastes.  Hang in with me, and
there is a positive lesson to be learned here.

But tonight, just know that we (you) are not alone in this world.  The God who created you and I loves us so much and always has a purpose in mind for us.  We will have to just trust him. 

                                      photo by Freida

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