Sunday, September 26, 2010

Early Morning Eating Tips to Lose Weight

**Start every morning with a protein and carb rich breakfast before 9am.
**Stick to a lighter lunch and low-carb dinner.
**Squeeze in 30 minutes of exercise everday before noon.
**Lose 7 pounds in 30 days!

Example breakfast: 2 servings whole grain toast or oats
                             1 1/2 cups fruit
                              1/2 cup egg whites
                              1 cup nonfat cottage cheese
                              1/4 cup nuts or seeds

Example lunch: Grilled chicken salad
                         1 cup torn romaine lettuce
                         2 tbsp. balsalmic vinegar and 1 tbs olive oil with
                         1/2 cup cooked corn kernels and
                         3oz grilled skinless chicken breast

For dinner eat 2 cups vegetables, 3 oz lean meat (protein) and 1/2 tbsp oil.


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