Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Christmas Eve Snowfall

An original poem by: Freida Thomas

It’s Christmas Eve tonight,
The tree is all aglow with its white bright lights.
Songs of Christmas are playing on the radio real low,
the wood has been chopped, the fire has been stoked.
Alone, I sit sipping on hot cocoa and snuggled in my robe,
my friend is in my lap purring, I feel as if I’m the only one on the globe.
I’m here, yet my thoughts are straying to days gone by,
days when my true love was here by my side.
He loved snow on Christmas Eve, and always told me so,
He’d say, “Honey I love you so much, and I’d love it to snow!”
“It’s beautiful and flawless like just like you, perfect in every way,”
How wonderful it was to know he loved me and made me feel special every day.
Life’s not fair, why was he taken so soon?
From a wife who adored him and thought he had hung the moon.
I feel his love for me now, though I know he’s gone.
If it would just snow tonight, I would feel as though he had come home, you see
to enjoy the snowfall and to share another Christmas Eve with me.
I got up and checked the door, then walked to the window to see,
and sure enough it was snowing, it was hard for me to believe.
Small white snowflakes were falling, delicate and beautiful it had dressed the trees,
My love had come home again this Christmas Eve, just to see me!
As I went to bed, my heart was lighter, my tears had dried,
my true love was here with me, once more by my side.

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