Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Home Checklist

Check it out! Fall is here and that means doing some maintenance around your home. It may take some elbow grease or even paying a repair company, but it’s sure to save you money in the end.

There’s a site called Angie’s List, It has consumer ratings of local service companies. The founder, Angie Hicks, has come up with a list that will help all of us get ready for cooler weather.

* Service your heating system. As much as 80% of emergency calls answered by heating specialists are the result of improper maintenance. Get an appointment and beat the rush.

* Check and replace filters. That will distribute heat better and cut your energy costs.

* Protect your pipes. Have your plumbing looked at and water lines insulated.

* Drain water from your water heater. You can improve your water heater’s efficiencey by 50 percent by draining sediment build up from the holding tank.

* Add insulation This is one of the lowest cost options for improving energy efficiency at home.

* Seal drafts. Caulk, seal, and weather-strip wehre drafts are detected.

* Schedule a chimney sweep. Build-up can lead to a chimney fire.

* Check your gutters. Blockage of dead leaves and other debris can cause serious water damage.

* Rake up the leaves. They will deprive your grass of sunlight during fall months. THey can lead to mold growth and provide a breeding ground for pests.

* Car inspection. Summer travel takes a toll on your car. Schedule a maintenance check so you’re ready for the long winter months. Also, put an emergency kit in your trunk.

*Invest now, save later!

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